Friday, March 17, 2006

Have A Great Weekend!

....and remember to READ!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What LACASA Kids Are Reading

A Child Called It - By David Pelzer
The middle school students at LACASA began reading A Child Called It on Monday. Jason Acosta, LACASA's group leader planned to read only on chapter aloud and then have a discussion on the book. Students were so interested in the book....they ask Jason to continue reading. A Child Call It is an autobiographical story of David Pelzer's childhood. The book tells his story of being abused by his alcoholic mother and how he struggled physically and emotionally to survive. Some students have read this book and the other two that are part of the author's series.

I Love My Hair byNatasha Anastasia Tarpley

Jenny, read I Love My Hair to the elementary school students. All of them loved it! They could all identify in some way with the girl, Keyana, who isn't so happy with what she has to go through to brush and comb her hair. No matter gently her mother combs her hair it still hurts Keyana. While Keyana doesn't feel so lucky to have such a head of hair her mother assures her that she is very lucky to have her hair because she can where it any way she chooses. Through the books wonderful illustrations, the children see the many hair styles Keyana can have. Braids ...Corn Rows...An Afro... The book sends reassuring message for all children about the importance of appreciating what they look like as part of who they are.

We'll Miss You Emily!

Emily was introduced to LACASA's after school program by Helen Rosenthal, a Strycker's Bay Board member. Emily, a middle school student came on board as a volunteer in Fall 2005. She is now moving on -- We will miss you Emily!

LACASA kids each made personal cards to Emily letting her know how much she has meant to them and how much they will miss her.

Jonathon's card read: "I enjoyed having you read the English Rose. I was happy when I learned new things with you. If you would come and visit I’m sure everyone will love it. I know there are no smiles without you!"

Melinda wrote: "Thank you for helping me with my homework and making me happy when I was sad. You are the sweetest person I ever met. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar is sweet and so are you."

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Temperature Went Up and The Coats Came Off

Friday was a beautiful day. The LACASA Kids and Staff spent the afternoon enjoying the weather.

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