Sunday, April 06, 2008

1968 Revisited:


1968 Revisited:

Ocean Hill Brownsville and Community Control of Schools

A Panel Discussion with Sally Lee, Roberta Harris, Jitu Weusi, Edwin Mayogra

and Stanley Aronowitz

Co-Sponsored by the Brecht Forum, NYCORE

In 1968, Ocean Hill-Brownsville Brooklyn was the site of an experiment

that gave local communities control of their public schools. The

controversy sparked from this movement still resonates throughout the

city. This panel discussion will explore the political moment that

gave rise to the community control experiment and will attempt to

compare it to today's context. How are NYC communities responding to

the current mayoral control of our public schools? How do these

contrasting forms of school governance impact classroom teaching and


The Brecht Forum

451 West Street

(Between Bank and Bethune)


Sliding Scale $6-15

No One Turned Away

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