Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome Back Naomi!

Naomi Rijo, one of the first 12 young people that were part of the first after school program started 14 years ago, joins the Strycker's Bay staff. A graduate of Albany State University, Naomi is ready to give back to her community and explore the different career paths available to her as a math major.

Naomi is currently serving as Strycker's Bay's Fiscal and Administrative Manager, working closely with our Executive Director, Kelley Williams.

"Naomi is really a powerhouse. She has put together a vision for a more streamlined administration so that we can concentrate on community programs. Its great having her back!"

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Salsa Legends

Our pilot Salsa Club initiated last year has turned out to be a huge success. Parents and students alike have requested that we continue the wildly popular club. It has made Sherly Prudoth one of LACASA’s most popular staff members.

We have managed to spark the interest of all our students and that of many parents who have requested classes for adults. Adult classes are in the works we have to fine tone some ideas and see if we can make them happen.

Students of all backgrounds have fallen in love with the dance and the music. Parents have commented that their child is asking for salsa cd’s from them and have approached staff for advice on purchasing salsa music.

Last year (2006-2007) we witnessed a marvelous performance delivered by the 4th and 5th graders who made up the initial salsa club It left the audience asking for more. We are sure that Jenny Mercado, LACASA's Curriculum Development Director and the Producer of last year's show We currently have four of our nine groups participating in the salsa club which we are sure will culminate in another jaw dropping end of year extravaganza.

Click here for slide show.

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