Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lincoln Center Comes to LACASA!

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Through improvisation, storytelling and acting, students from the LACASA Lincoln Center Drama Team put together different renditions of "The Frog Bride.' LACASA's Lincoln Center drama team is broken down into two groups; K-2nd grade led by Barbara Tirrell and 3rd-5th grade led by April Armstrong. The two groups met weekly every Wednesday. The weekly workshops consisted of drama excercises, reading, writing, drawing and acting. Students from the drama team were also treated to two performaces of the "The Frog Bride" by David Gonzalez. Throughout their 14 week session, the students learned to bring forth their inner dramatic sides. With intense analyzation of the "The Frog Bride", students created, illustrated, and acted out their own versions of the "The Frog Bride". Through intensive organization and preparation, the K-2nd grade group led by Ms.Tirrell, created a DVD with the cast of the entire class, depicting the original version of the 'The Frog Bride'. Their efforts were recognized and greatly acknowledged by parents and staff during the final day of Lincoln Center. April Armstrong's 3rd-5th grade students used improvisation and created their own verisons of the 'The Frog Bride'. The students picked out scenes from the story and modified them to fit their interest. Some students even went to the length of changing the entire story line and only keeping the characters names. April Armstrong's team performed for parents and staff on the final day of Lincoln Center. Their performances were very much enjoyed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Parents Sue Department of Education for Violating State Law By Closing Schools Without Community Input | NYCLU

Parents Sue Department of Education for Violating State Law By Closing Schools Without Community Input | NYCLU

Public school parents, guardians and community leaders filed suit
against the city Department of Education today for violating state
education law by making zoning changes that affect neighborhood schools
without approval from Community Education Councils, effectively denying
parents and children access to neighborhood schools without a voice in
the process.

NYCLU's Link to PDF Lawsuit Document

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Musical Books

Musical Books
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First graders at the LACASA program sit together to play musical books. The entire theory behind 'musical books' is derived from musical chairs itself. Students rotate around the chairs to the sound of music until it is stopped and they are prompted to sit and read a book.

Soccer Stars Coming to LACASA.....

LACASA is anticipating the arrival of soccer stars this spring. We are currently enrolling students to participate. Due to overwhelming interest, there are limited slots available. Reserve your slot today!

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